Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Stand Back: CRE's View of Fiscal Cliff from Two Months Out

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Stand Back: CRE's View of Fiscal Cliff from Two Months Out

The perception of just how steep the "Fiscal Cliff" is depends a lot on where you're standing. From Menomonie, WI, for example, it doesn't look all that severe.

Home to Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate, Menomonie is on manmade Lake Menomin and its 14,999 residents enjoy the recreational advantages of the great Wisconsin outdoors. At the same time, it is one hour east of Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN, close enough to enjoy all of the benefits a major metropolitan...

The Canadians Are Coming

While the U.S. presidential election has Americans weighing whether to re-elect its president or change course, their Canadian investment neighbors have already decided where they see the U.S. commercial real estate recovery headed: Up.

At least five new Toronto-based REITs and funds have started or completed initial public offerings in Canada in the last six weeks, raising nearly $350 million to invest in U.S. commercial real estate.


QUICK DRAW: Outlet Center Developers Aim to Outduel Rivals To Land Brand-Name Tenants

Outlet centers have been among the few stand-out retail formats to pursue new construction since the Great Recession, and the notion of attracting bargain-minded shoppers to large centers well-stocked with nationally branded retail tenants and built on cheap dirt has proven irresistible to mall and outlet center REITs.

In fact, so many developers have jumped on the outlet retail bandwagon, that some are asking how much is too much?

The level...

In The Pipeline: CoStar Development & Construction News for Oct. 21 - 27

In The Pipeline is a column on significant acquisitions of commercial land for sale, and other transactions and trends affecting office, industrial, flex, multifamily, mixed-use, hotel and public works developers. Send us news leads about your new commercial real estate project -- and sign up to be added to our distribution list to receive future In the Pipeline columns by e-mail.
San Francisco's Transbay Tower Cleared For Construction

The Transbay...

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