Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Store Closure Strategies Still Overshadowing Expansion Campaigns

National Commercial Real Estate News From CoStar Group

Store Closure Strategies Still Overshadowing Expansion Campaigns

Announcements of store closures continue to outnumber planned store openings, according to the latest year-end results being reported by the nation’s largest publicly held retailers.

Major retailers such as Barnes & Noble, Best Buy and Sears, all announced store closures as part of plans to "rationalize" or "right-size" the number of stores.

Sears Holdings even went so far as to tell its shareholders that disposing of assets was proving beneficial...

Fannie and Freddie: Too Big To Shrink?

With a clear mandate from the Obama administration to wind down the operations of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac eventually, the Federal Housing Finance Administration, which oversees their operations, outlined its plans for meeting that objective. For starters, it hopes to cut the two government sponsored entities’ market share of new multifamily lending by 10%.

What's less clear is if that can be done in the current environment, or even if the eventual...

Facility Closures & Downsizings: As “In-Theater” War Actions Contract, So Does Exelis

Even without the impact from sequestration, David F. Melcher, CEO and president of defense contractor Exelis, said his company expects that the U.S. federal contracting environment will slow over the coming months and years. Funding will eventually be reprioritized from in-theater operations to investments aligned with the administration’s strategic objectives.

As such Exelis plans to continue to rightsize the business. 2012 results included about...

Delinquent Office Loans Backed by Federal Government Tenants

Information for these lead listings was provided by CoStar Group and Trepp LLC, a firm that provides surveillance data on loan and commercial real estate performance underlying the CMBS market.

We couldn’t let the onset of sequestration go by without taking some note of it. The self-inflicted law that kicked in March 1 has activated 10 years of $1.2 trillion of across-the-board federal spending cuts. While the defense and health care industries...

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