Wednesday, October 16, 2013

U.S. Property Investors Take Foot Off Gas Even as Leasing Momentum Continues

National Commercial Real Estate News From CoStar Group

U.S. Property Investors Take Foot Off Gas Even as Leasing Momentum Continues

Even as businesses continue to lease office, industrial and retail space at a faster clip, prices for U.S. commercial property leveled off in August as investors reacted to signals that the Federal Reserve was considering plans to begin tapering its elevated bond purchasing activity once the economy fully achieves firm footing.
Although long anticipated, the news caused investors to pause and take stock of the overall economic impact from any...

REITs Prune Portfolios In Pure-Play Push

In the early 2000s, diversification was the big buzzword among REITs, which touted investments in different property types or markets as a smart hedge against risk. Today, being a 'pure-play' investment is all the rage.
More REITs with diverse holdings are stepping up their efforts to specialize in one specific property type or a limited number of markets, and divesting large portfolios of non-core assets in doing so.
The sell-off is fueled...

Major Deals in NY, LA and San Francisco Demonstrate Rising Investor Confidence In Office Market

Several big deal office investments announced this week underscore investors' growing optimism for the foremost segment of the nation’s commercial real estate market even as they hope the unsightly spectacle in Washington does little real harm to the recovering economy.
In New York this week, buyers continue to make this one of the top investments markets in the world. So in demand is this market, that existing owners are reluctant to let go of...

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